Thousand Channels

Get Streams offers 1100+ LIVE, Local Channels from across these beautiful United States of America.


HD Quality

All of our Streams are in HD and we recommend at least 4k devices for your best viewing experience.


Multi Devices

Premier Accounts and BYOD Accounts include 4 connections. Subscriptions are 1 connection per device and additional connection is $5 per month per device.

More to Stream.

Welcome to Get Streams, we are here to help our customers $ave! We have a package for EVERY budget. We offer 1100+ LIVE local networks, ALL Sports with NO Blackouts and much, much more!

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Customer Benefits.

Local Channels

Watch Local TV from all over the US! Did you used to live in Dallas or maybe Memphis? Maybe your family still lives there or you’re going out to Vegas on vacation, and you want to see what is happening in the news or with the weather? We offer local channels from all over the US!!

Fast Connected

Our software can operate at 50mbps but we highly recommend that you have 100mbps as a minimum to avoid lag and buffering. Always remember that your router/modem are a device running 24/7 in your home and weekly maintenance is necessary. Please unplug them at least once a week and let them reset themselves.

Support 24/7

Our technicians are working behind the scenes to provide you with the best entertainment experience. Please make sure that when you login your channels refresh so that you are receiving all updates. We want you to be able to catch that game you’ve been waiting all week to watch and refreshing your device when you login is always a best practice.

Customer Friends & Family Referral Program

We LOVE our customers, and they LOVE Get Streams TV! If you refer friends and family and they purchase a $279 Box, $279 FS or BYOD plan we'll add a FREE month of service onto your account!

Easy Installations

Our products are as plug and play as we an possibly make them. Whether you buy a package here on our website or in our store we set you up and get you logged in with your account username and password. If you’re tech savvy and want to download our software to your device yourself we’ll provide a link to a video that shows your exactly how to set up your device!

Best Pricing Plans

We are the Best Value in Streaming! GSTV has a plan for every budget, whether you want to pay a small monthly recurring bill or if you don’t want a monthly fee we have a plan for you! Check out our plans here!

Your Perfect Plans.

Enjoy unlimited access to the GSTV streaming service

Premier Plan

Includes your first year of service Annual Renewals $150.00/Year
  • 1100+ LIVE Channels

  • Choose your Device

  • Includes 1 Year of service

  • Use up to 4 Devices


Bring Your Own Device
Includes your first year of service Annual Renewals $150.00/Year
  • 1100+ LIVE Channels


  • Includes 1 Year of Service

  • Use up to 4 Devices


Stream Hostings


Online Watch


Users Accounts


Happy Costumers

Want to Use Your Own Equipment?

Does Get Streams TV only work in the Ohio Region?

No, GSTV works anywhere in the world where there is high speed internet service.

Does GSTV offer my local broadcast networks?

Yes! We provide local channels for MOST cities across the US! (send us an email or text if you want us to confirm your local network channels)

How does GSTV work?

GSTV service runs off your high-speed internet. Using an Android box, a Firestick, a Tablet, or cell phone you can watch LIVE TV 24/7! If you buy a device from us, we will set up your account and get you logged in. We make this as plug and play as possible.